The Writing Together Workshop

The Writing Together Workshop

The Writing Together Workshop helps parents (or friends) and kids work together in about one week to write a story. You don't even need an idea to begin this course. Whether you've written many stories or are still struggling with your reading and writing, this course with it's easy to follow videos instructions, examples, and workbook activities, will take you on a journey to write your own story!


The Writing Together Workshop Outcomes
✔️ Builds confidence and positive self-esteem
✔️ Nurtures Mindfulness
✔️ Cultivates self-discovery and self-knowledge
✔️ Improves reading and writing skills
✔️ Develops problem-solving skills
✔️ Prepare them a demanding changing world
✔️ Promotes responsibility and self-discipline
✔️ Fosters a connection with parent and others (readers)
✔️ Convent, Flexible Schedule (Only 10 minutes a day)
✔️ Accessibility and Quick lesson delivery


Module 1: Getting Started

Complete in 1-2 Days, 10-20 minutes at a time.
Lesson 1: Welcome to The Writing Together Workshop!
Lesson 2: What You'll Need
Lesson 3: Reward Yourself

Module 2: Finding Your Idea
Complete in 3 days with 10-20 minutes at a time.

Lesson 1: Ready? Get set. LET'S GO!
Lesson 2: 10 Minute Downpour
Lesson 3: Pick 3

Lesson 4: Snack & Nap

Lesson 5: This Is The One

Lesson 6: Example

Lesson 7: Break Time

Module 3: Getting The Words Out

Complete in 1-2 Days, 10-20 minutes at a time
Lesson 1: Once Upon A Time

Lesson 2: Example

Lesson 3: Give Me That Title!

Lesson 4: CELEBRATE!

BONUS Module: The Next Steps
For Parents & Older Kids
Complete in 4-5 Days, 10-20 minutes a day

BONUS Lesson 1: Age Appropriate Storytelling

BONUS Lesson 2: Spill to Script 

BONUS Lesson 3:  Read & Revise

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