Rule of 3's

Rule of 3's

Hey kids, write your own book! In this workbook, you'll learn all about The Rule of 3's which can help make your story more engaging, funnier, and satisfying.


Watch the accompanying video on YouTube.


Learning Outcomes

  • Develops Writing and Reading Skills
  • Teaches Analytical Skills and Story Analysis
  • Nurtures Problem-Solving Skills
  • Fosters a Love for Books
  • Encourages Connection as a FREE COVID-Safe Family Activity
  • Can Create the Foundation for a GREAT Story Idea
  • Early Readers to Experienced Writers
    (For more Advanced Readers, email for Advanced Book Examples)


Includes 5-page workbook,

  • What is the Rule of 3's?
  • Advanced Terms
  • Activities that encourage reading comprehension and analysis
  • Activies that encourage creativeity and application
  • Parent's Guide


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