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Jo's Story

Growing up Neurologically Divergent

The story that started

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I grew up Neurologically Divergent, and because of that, it took me a long time to even understand what people were doing when they were reading.

My path into reading was stories, and I taught myself to read by writing first. Writing is how I relate to the world, and I developed a talent to take other people's stories and share them in interesting ways.

Through over a decade of marketing, I have used this skill to connect the people behind a brand with their customer base. I'm a recipient of The Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award, an invitation to a residency at Varnua The National Writer's House, and winner of The Fringe Festival at Eden Mills.

My stories and articles have been published in international and local publications, including TIME, USA Today, Mashable, and Fairfax. 

Now I want to take that skill and use it to help kids realise their stories in print and help them share their unique stories with the world.

Some of My Stories


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